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CHARTERING means providing for a certain fee (freight) of a vessel or part thereof for the transport of goods and the fulfilment of other works for the purpose of committing one or more merchant voyages. Additionally CHARTERING also is the delivery of a vessel for a certain time at the disposal of the charterer.

There are chartering brokers who deal with CHARTERING. They carry out intermediary services in negotiations for carriage of goods by sea, using their experience and knowledge. It should be noted that for this kind of service requires special knowledge relating to:

* type of goods
* particulars of its carriage
* details and peculiarity of any specialized Charter Parties (contracts)
* and information regarding types and particulars of cargo vessels as well.

The best feature of the chartering broker is a quick search of optimal variants of a compromise of the disputed questions during the fixture between the shipowner and the cargo owner, in the framework of the current practice of shipping.
In addition, to participate in the shipping market chartering broker should have extensive contacts among ship owners, vessel operators, cargo owners and to be well known among other chartering brokers. Specialists in the chartering who work in our company, have all the above qualities and have years of successful experience as chartering brokers.

Contacting us you will receive detailed information about all particulars of shipment you interested for, and can also rely on proper selection and preparation of a Charter Party (contract) for your cargo considering its features.

If you need to provide your fleet with decent job, we are pleased to offer the best options for loadings to maximize profit from the commercial use of your vessel.
Contact us, and we will be your guiding star in the complicated world of chartering ships and brokerage!

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