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Ship Agency service - performing by the agent under provisions of the contract with a principal who is a shipowner or charterer of the vessel, the action for the representation and protection of interests of the principal in port. Requested actions are performed by the agent on behalf of the principal and relate to a wide range of issues: coordination with port authorities time and order of arrival of the vessel to the mooring berth, cargo handling, performing quarantine, customs and border procedures, the registration of the relevant documents, etc.


Welcome to the Agency Transflot, one of the leading ship's agencies in the port of St. Petersburg!

The Agency Transflot is not the greatest, but really well organized company with flexible policies, with a lot of energy working on their clients with the highest efficiency and professionalism. The policy of the company is based on providing the customers with true quality and service. The Agency operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shipowners, operators and/or charterers can be sure that our experienced agents. constantly contacting with the Port Administration, the Authorities and stevedores, will find the very right solution in any difficult situations. Close cooperation with the ship captains and the Harbour Master allows our agents to resolve the most complicated matters.

The main activity of the Agency - providing of Agency services in the port of St. Petersburg (including all private terminals)

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office 715 , 5АХ Mezhevoy Kanal
St. Petersburg, 198035, Russia
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