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In connection with a number of publications in the Russian media claiming that in the port of Port-Elizabeth the South African police detained a Russian vessel "Lada" with "dangerous goods" on board, "Transflot" Ltd. (St. Petersburg), the Owner of the dry cargo carrier "Lada", has to make the following statement (refutation).

First of all, "Transflot " Ltd. declares that there are no detentions and arrests in relation to both the vessel and the crew. There has been no claims or restrictions on commercial practices with respect to the ship from the authorities of South Africa.

The whole situation with the stay of the vessel in the port of Port-Elizabeth and the noise raised by mass media are connected with the delayed and to some extent unprofessional activities of the ship's agent for the timely registration of ship's cargo documents.

At the moment the situation with the documents is almost settled and it is expected that the ship will leave the port in the very near future and proceed to the port of destination according to the voyage assignment.

Thus the situation with the publication of information that does not correspond to the actual state of affairs with m/v "Lada" can to a certain degree lead to the undermining of the business reputation of "Transflot” Ltd as one of the leading shipping companies specializing in the transportation of dangerous goods to various ports of the world.

Publishing the said information without necessary verification mass media did not comply with the requirements of the Law of the Russian Federation of 27.12.1991 N 2124-1 (as amended on 18.04.2018) "On mass media" and therefore are forcing "Transflot” Ltd to take the appropriate legal steps for protection of its legitimate interests.

This information is freely available and posted on the official website of company "Transflot" Ltd.

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